The annual general meetings of the Spain Film Commission (SFC) and the European Film Commission Network (EUFCN) took place in Málaga on the 29th and 30th of November.

The members discussed issues concerning the organization and coordination of filming in different territories, as well as the new board members were elected in both associations (Barcelona-Catalunya Film Commission holds the 1st vicepresidency of the SFC and Carlos Rosado, president of the Spain Film Commission, was elected for the board of the EUFCN).


The SFC issued a first draft of a study on the economic impact of the movies shot in Spain, in order to give witness to the negotiations that are taking place in the direction of the ICAA to create incentives for the productions to take place in Spain, in order to be more competitive internationally as a location .
Further, the EUFCN announced the intention to approach and work with the Asian market , in order to attract and coordinate the shootings from their countries; it was also agreed to work on the drafts of the new European regulations o

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