Arie Bohrer
(Location Austria) confirmed as President of the European Film Commissions Network

During their General assembly in Malaga Spain, where they were invited by the Andalucía Film Commission, the EUFCN members voted to renew part of the association board of directors.




The elections resulted in the following board:

Arie Bohrer (Location Austria): President
Peter Busuttil (Malta Film Commission)
Truls Kontny (Norwegian Film Commission): Treasurer
Patrick Lamassoure (Film France): Vice-president
Jacques Mer (Algarve Film Commission - Portugal)
Andrea Rocco (Genova-Liguria Film Commission - Italy)
Carlos Rosado Cobian (Andalucía Film Commission, Spain Film Commission)
Berit Tilly (Swedish Lapland Film Commission): General Secretary

"Our association represents one of the wider European networks in the film industry, gathering 82 members from 26 countries, stretching from North to far South and all across Europe, commented Arie Bohrer, acting as President of the association since 2007. We intend to keep growing, promoting Europe as a major destination for film and TV production, fostering cooperations between countries and regions and raising the awareness of decision makers about the key part that film commissions are playing for the development of our industry."

During their assembly in Malaga, European film commissioners expressed their vivid concerns regarding the European Commission Cinema Communication project. "The new rules that the EC suggests regarding territorial spending represent a direct threat to most of the local incentives that many Member states and important regions have patiently and carefully established in the past years, and which support European film and TV production, added Arie Bohrer. It looks like the EC denies the very chore of our fragile ecosystem, where creation and industry are genuinely intertwined."



Photo © de Malaga Film Office

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